Getting Started

The journey to the home of your dreams begins on your property.  On site with our design partner, we will begin to tailor a home to best fit your lifestyle, needs and desires.

We believe that custom homebuilding is much more than presenting a few stock plans with a few stock finish options; we strive to make every aspect of your house your home! Our 30 years of experience will help you design a truly unique home that emphasizes the lay of the land and stays within the project´s budget. 








Moving In

As the finishing details all come together, it is finally time to make your new house your new home. Before the moving trucks arrive, our trained eyes carefully inspect every inch of the house, assuring that it meets the Plummer Family standard. 

Once your family is settled in, we will guide you through the in´s and out´s of homeownership. Finally, we will present you with a coffee table photo book, documenting the entire construction process in it´s entirety!









Breaking Ground

Once the planning and permitting are complete, the construction process commences.  From the day we break ground until the day the final inspection is passed, we maintain physical presence at the job site, personally assuring that your home is built to the highest standard.  

Whether the work is done hands-on by one of our family members or by our family of subcontractors, we demand high quality work done in a timely, tidy manner.




Continued Relationship

Our family prides itself in the work we do and we are proud to stand behind all of our craftsmanship. We offer a full wall-to-wall guarantee for the first year, and guarantee much of your home well past that date.

After one year of living in your home, we schedule another walk-through, at your convenience, to make sure everything is in as great condition as the day you moved in.  With such a personalized building experience, no wonder we consider so many of our clients our friends!